Playing with My Wii in the Dark

The other day I shuffled out of bed in the early morning darkness and was greeted with the soothing light of my pulsing Wii slot. I saw the digital camera in range and, inspired, changed my route from the usual b-line to the coffee maker instead to the couch in front of the Wii. I sat there for a long time, playing with some settings and taking a ton of photos of the glowing glory that is the Wii version of the hideous "You're got MAIL!!!!" message. The results were rather unexpected.

Since I first posted these photos in my old blog they have been posted to both the GoNintendo and Destructiod front pages. I never imagined they would have reached such heights of gamer uber-coolness, but then again, they are rather lovely. I'm honored at the attention as I vist both sites several times a day and have a huge amount of respect for all of the work that goes into them. Thanks guys!

*UPDATE* - The awesome blog "Thinking in Pictures" has also featured these photos. Holy crap!

You can download larger versions at my Flickr space and you can get larger desktop sizes at the old entry. You really need to see the full-size versions to get all the detail. They make awesome wallpapers!